About The FloorSkills Fitter Directory

The FloorSkills fitter directory provides easy access to the most comprehensive database of UK flooring installation specialists.  The directory is operated by FloorSkills, a leading provider of professional flooring installation training. 

Our directory of installers have all undergone training with FloorSkills under the personal supervision from two of the country’s leading trainers Sid and Matt Bourne, who have between them won British champion installer and represented the UK in the European championships.

FloorSkills Trained Installers are installers who have completed training courses relevant to the products they supply and install. However, the installers have not carried out an assessment process with FloorSkills or an alternative assessment centre. Many installers/retailers have their own assessment process and don’t require their staff to undertake an external assessment process. Due to no assessment being carried out by FloorSkills, we cannot warrant or guarantee the quality of the installation. This does not mean the installers are not a good quality installer. Trained installers tend to be cheaper than Endorsed and Master installers.

FloorSkills Endorsed Installers are installers who have also been assessed and passed the rigorous assessment process of their installation ability. Very similar to Master Installers but have passed at a slightly lower level or passed an assessment process at an alternative assessment centre to FloorSkills. Endorsed installers will carry out a very high-quality installation but are not accredited to offer the extended 3 Year FloorSkills warranty. Endorsed installers are generally a little cheaper than Master Installers. Our Master Installers can also offer the same service as an Endorsed installer at the slightly cheaper installation rate.

FloorSkills Master Installers are installers who have been assessed and passed the rigorous assessment process, along with completing extensive training. All Master Installers are required to adhere to the highest installation standards, that are required to pass the Master Installer assessment process. Customers must be prepared to pay a little more for an approved Master Installer and they will benefit from a perfect installation with the option to register for the extended warranty giving you 3 years warranty rather than the standard 1 year of installation that most offer.